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Much of what the Bible teaches us is held in common by those who call themselves followers of Christ. For example, the fact that Jesus Christ is the Son of God is debated by many, but is not a debatable issues for those who are truly Christian. There are other topics though, that have been hotly debated amongst followers of Christ for years, decades and even centuries. Often such topics have brilliant scholars, who are also lovers of Jesus, who give sound arguments born out of deep conviction, that diametrically oppose one another. Fortunately, none that I know of, affect the basic essentials of the faith. Unfortunately, many have violated the basic teachings of Christ, in the way they handle themselves and treat other people, arguing their stance on a non-essential issue.

For the most part, I have tried to stay out of such arguments for a number of reasons. For one, I consider myself fairly intelligent, and you are likely even more intelligent, but if good scholars have not resolved the issues by now, I doubt we will. Additionally, arguing such ideals is not the best use of my time and energy. I have been called to serve by loving God with all of my heart, strength, mind and soul, to the best of my abilities, while striving to bring God's presence into a broken and dying world. I am called to make disciples. As Nelson Mandela argues that while the U.N. is debating over the technical definition of poverty, people are starving because of misplaced resources - I argue that to spend to much time on these topics, I am being diverted from those that are spiritually starving. Finally, in my opinion, such topics are not worth the cost of broken relationships.

None the less, I do not meant to demean theses topics, as they are important. Furthermore, for some to serve along my side, it is important that they know my stance on such things. So below I provide my theological stance on some controversial topics, as of today anyway. They are not posted on my church's web site as I believe it would be diversion from Cornerstone's called vision to have to debate these issues. Thus, I just give you mine.

I am not open for debate, not so much because I am so convinced I am right, in fact I might very well be wrong. It is simply just not how I want to spend my time. If you disagree you have a choice to make. Either it is not a big enough of an issue to concern yourself with, or you need to quietly find out where else God has called you to serve. For those, go in peace, you have my blessing and please be Christ-like in not leaving a mess behind.