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This site is part personal web site, part blog and part personal distraction.  It started off with a bunch of random topics that I wanted to flesh out.

Soon, my passion began to emerge.  I love helping leaders to discover what it means to be healthy.  I believe healthy leaders outlast clever ones every time.  Business, nonprofit and churches – I really love helping leaders think through healthy sense of self, leadership tools, vision, purpose and strategy.  For some, my love would be like going to the dentist for them.  That is why we are better together. 

I not only believe that Jesus is the Son of God, but I also happen to believe that He really knows what He’s talking about.  Best-selling leadership books that are not just a quick fad, usually have principles that can be found in the bible.  Turns out the new is not so new after all. 

My hope is that this blog will give leaders tools for healthy living and will stimulate conversation in what being better looks like