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In February Terri, Caleb and I went to the Dominican Republic with Cornerstone. Several things were accomplished, such as finishing the well project with landscaping and painting. It was real cool to see that come to completion. Terri and several women from Cornerstone took a group of ladies from Bani on a retreat. These women that have so little as it is, were emotionally exasperated after fighting through tropical storm Noel. I led a group in December to do rebuilding projects, but this time the CCC women ministered to the Bani women by taking them on a spiritual retreat. Most of the women from Bani have never experienced such a thing and it was life changing. Meanwhile I met with a group of Dominican church planters and led a seminar. I also preached on the SUnday service. Truly a meaningful time for us individually and as a family.

Below are a few pic's: (due to technical difficulties - coming soon)