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Driving Contract


I ____________________ understand that just because I have a driver’s license and keys to a vehicle, as long as I live under my parent’s roof and / or they are still paying some of my bills, I am still under their authority. This means that:

· No matter where I go, I still am operating under their rules.

· Driving is a privilege, not a right. I must still get permission to drive and still must get permission for the places and activities I wish to participate in.

· I understand that my parents have the right to suspend my privilege to drive at any time for any reason. This is not limited to, but includes unsatisfactory grades. While it is not their intention to withhold this privilege unreasonably, they still may do so for reasons they consider, even if it feels unrelated to my driving.

· If I ever get pulled over by a police officer, for any reason even a warning, I will tell my parents.

· At no time will I drive with alcohol or drugs in my body or in my car, this includes my friends.

· My car is not a bedroom; I will not use it for inappropriate dating use.

· I will always take driving seriously and will not use it as a way to horseplay with my friends

· I will obey all laws and practice defensive driving, as well as general safety.

· I will not text while behind the wheel, even at a red light. Any cell phone use is restricted until my parents determine otherwise.

· I have completed my map test