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But Jesus came to right wrongs, not only to create righteous people. A mission gospel goes right to the heart of humanity and takes up the cause of humans in their time of need and distress. Claiming that salvation has come to humans without seeking to correct injustice and restore dignity and value to human life is to defraud humanity of the gospel; it is cheap grace. (Anderson 2006 p. 195-196)

They will also need to be prepared to critique their empire about the degree to which that empire has not duly acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord of all or protected the rights of those who serve him. In many parts of the world our brothers and sisters in Christ suffer unspeakable deprivation precisely because of their faith in Jesus. Such an abuse of human rights must attract our severe criticism, as should the governments of the developed nations that refuse to defend the rights of the most defenseless people who cannot escape the waves of persecution and violence that keep crashing upon them. (Frost, 2007 p. 251)