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Refresh: Restoring The Soul Of A Leader - JOSHUA

Below is an outline of what i shared this past Sunday evening's Mezzo with the new series: Refresh: Restoring The Soul Of A Leader.  This week was a focus on Joshua.

It was not my plan to hand this out in written form, as it was written for notes to speak from.  Thus i hesitate to print it.  Yet I was asked by so many people if they could have a copy of the notes, hence here they are.

Therefore, offer me grace as you read below, I have not had time to do a rewrite on them.

Thank you for letting me journey with you.



Refresh: Restoring The Soul Of A Leader - JOSHUA

Coffee Cup story - Old Professor

When you are trying to make big decision in your life how do you know the difference between reality and fantasy.  When do you pull the trigger.

What is true geographically is true spiritually

Younger Bruce had a special gift that the older Bruce no longer had: The gift of being naive.  The upside of being naive is that it is easer to trust people and yourself.  The downside is the you can be way to cocky.  

God in this passage was talking to the older Joshua

Joshua 1: 1-10

The Wilderness Was Necessary  (Exodus)


  • A place of healing
  • A place of readjusting
  • A place of rest
  • We always way underestimate how long we will be in the wilderness 
  • Just because you are in a desert experience does not mean you get to escape leadership…


Embrace Your Current Reality (2a)

  • Some your mentor died
  • Some you have had your dream die
  • Some of you are tired
  • Some have lost what they once had
  • For young leaders it might be experiencing - but learning to carry the weight of responsibility
  • Some have hit a plateau – time to lay the old you are on to road to rest
  • Some have had a major change and new world
  • You may be a place where no one knows your past accomplishment
  • Could be a good thing a job promotion – but now it is time to figure out where you are going with it
  • Guard against denial
  • Fight against doubt – our minds play tricks on us
  • Accept what needs to be left behind – you have to break free of where you are,-  to get where you want to go
  • You cant get to where you need to go if you don’t know where you are  - (mall map) 
  • Challenge – journal and meditate on that – you might be overwhelmed for that very reason

God Can Do More With Those Who Move Than Those That Wallow  (2b)

  • This is not to minimize the desert experience – but you still had to move

The God Who Has Done Miracles In Your Life In The Past Is Ready To Do Miracles In Your Future (3-4)

Because let me tell you something:


  • To believing leader – think back on cool stuff God has done in your life, and ways you have seen him work for your “Moses’s” – It is the same God

Don’t Let Fear Debilitate You (5)

  • Jesus spent a lot of time teaching about not worrying you
  • Chinese word for crisis. In the traditional Chinese characters the word crisis has the same meaning as opportunity; thus, how you view the situation will determine how you respond to it. Often times it’s the responsibility of the SPIRITUAL leader to give perspective to his or her followers so they assume the perspective of God.

Discover The Un-Anxious Confidence That God Offers (6)

  • Vrs 6, 7, 9, 18 all 4 verses say the same thing: BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS 
  • God says it one time –serious, 2xs very serious 3 xs he means business 4xs which is very rare – it is something you should memorize and reflect on for the rest of your life. In fact memorize this week and meditate on it
  • Being strong is a matter of who you are a matter who you are - character  - courage is a matter of what you do, a matter of responsibility – starts out as a deep belief…

What Success Looks Like (7-9ff)

  • Again, Place Your Confidence In God
  • Be Faithful To What You Know
  • Debilitations: Distractions, Anxiety And Discouragement
  • Maintain Intimacy With Jesus (everything points to the cross - hence the Jesus reference) (Be careful not to reduce intimacy with Jesus down to a just a Sunday morning shot - like drinking a Red Bull)
  • Live a life that: Anticipates God’s Blessings 9
  • Get Up And Go 10ff

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill




  • Name something positive that came from you previous (or current) wilderness experience
  • What fears/ distractions do you find that hold you back?
  • “Be Strong and Courageous”:
    • * What areas of character do you need to work on to build your strength in God?
    • * What risk of faith do you need to take to grow in courage?
  • Describe what your life would look like if you increased your intimacy with Jesus.  What specific action steps are you going to take?
  • What can this group be praying for, when it comes to refreshing your soul as a leader?




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