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Do You Want To Get Well?

 In John 5 Jesus, early in His ministry, leads His disciples to a place called, “Pool of Bethsaida”.  This was a natural spring that periodically would rise up and start bubbling up like crazy.  There was a mythical belief that the first person who jumped in the bubbly water would be healed of what ever aliments they had.  As a result, in a culture where the disabled were discriminated against, were abandoned by the pool being told, in effect, get well so you can come home and be productive.  A side note, this was by the “sheep gate” which would have been a dirty foul area to spend your days and nights (not to mention the aroma of a bunch of neglected sick people)

One dude had been dropped off 38 years earlier.  His disability did not allow him to get down to the water, much less be the first.  Can you relate to this guy?  At first glace perhaps not, but think again.  Do you have an area in your life that has been a physical, emotional or spiritual issue for a very long time?  Do you have an unhealthy habit that you know holds you back more than helps you? Do you have a pain, a memory or a regret that haunts you? 

Back to Jesus, He and His 12 apprentices go to this nasty part of town and Jesus marches up to that dude and ask what would have seemed like a really dumb question.  I mean seriously, are you ready to hear this question that might have caused his followers to say, “Ut oh, mother was right, this guy is a tad off!”  So Jesus approaches this disabled guy who has spent most of his life trying to get to the healing waters and ask “Do you want to get well?”  Weird right?  Can anybody say, “Duh?”

Yet over the years I have determined this to be quite a profound question. 

I find that most people who come to my office for help don’t take to practical spiritual wisdom.  They like the idea of being well, they talk about it, they long for it, they blame others for not having it, or even God… yet the thought of making the change evidently is too much.  Perhaps what was once a curse in their life has become so familiar they cant imagine life without it.  Perhaps they are filled with fear that as bad as the negative is, even anger as an example, it can provide a temporary source of comfort and they might loose that.  Perhaps they don’t feel worthy.  Perhaps they really don’t trust the God they proclaim to follow.

How about you?  Think of the thing that has beat you up the most over the past several years. For just a minute push aside all of your explanations or even blame.  On a very serious note, do you really want to get well?

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