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Day 1 The Traveling Vagabond - Laguna 

If you have not already: READ INTRO FIRST

Today I got up early and dove four hours to spend the day hanging out with Michael Bischof, founder of Soul Leader, in Laguna Beach as we simply talked life.  I decided to mark this day as the first day of my Vagabond travels, as I am standing on a west coast beach.  Each day I am asking God for wisdom and direction.  I will not always share all of it, but I would like to share some.  Some with be new, much will be reminders.  Some days I may write a lot, some days I may choose not to write at all.  For the first time in my life, I am literally making up each day, having very limited knowledge of what to expect that day or any day following.  God has put me in quite a position of dependency. 


A few of the things I found myself reflecting on during Day 1

  • The “do not worry about tomorrow” passage in Mathew 6 takes on a whole new meaning when you are positioned to be utterly dependent upon God.
  • God longs to grant the desires of your heart but first you need to let him transform the desires of your heart.
  • Deep river spirituality: God wants us to live out of the overflow, leading on empty is a dangerous trap many followers of Christ fall into.
  • To have your identity in Christ to be built, you have to let go of the roles you have chosen to identify with.
  • We have an empathetic God.  You are never alone  Jesus felt no need to give quick fix “christianese” answers, he told us to rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those that mourn


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