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The Traveling Vagabond: Desire - Day 5

Do you want to change your life forever in just 15 minutes a day over the course a week?  

Sounds like an infomercial doesn’t it?  Sounds like a money making scheme or something from a prosperity preacher does it not?

Actually, I was being serious about my opening line.  I really do believe that if you were to take me up on this prescription, it will change your life.

For the next week, take 15 minutes a day and meditate on Psalms 37.  Some days you may choose to read it through 3 or 4 times during your 15 minutes, perhaps in different translations.  Other days you might just read it really slowly one time, chewing on the different parts as you read them.  Other days you may not get all the way through, rather taking a verse or two and really praying through it.

As you begin your time, pray a simple prayer: Lord open my eyes and heart to how you want to speak to me today.  Then close with a simple prayer: Lord, for the rest of this day choose one concept from this passage and have me reflect on it, applying it all day long

Honestly, I think it will change your life

From this passage I have a new prayer that I am praying every day: Lord orchestrate the desires of my heart, and then give me the desires of my heart (37:4)

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