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There is a season…The Traveling Vagabond - Day 6

It is time to say goodbye to my three turtles. 

Every morning for the last two years I pretty much had the same rhythm.  Bring coffee to Terri in bed, to help her wake up.  Fill up Frodo's dish.  Then coffee in hand, Frodo and I went to the pond to feed the turtles.  Even that had a rhythm.  If I were to dump all the food in at once, the two bigger turtles would gobble up all of the food, before the smaller one even had a chance to finish chewing his first piece.  Coffee in hand, dog at feet, I would find myself in a meditative state as I slowly released the food from my hand, enjoying my three little pets.

A younger me would have felt silly for mourning the loss of this rhythm.  They are just silly turtles for Pete’s sake!!!  Just give them away and move on!  You got important things to do because you are an important man, right?  Yet wisdom has taught me to embrace the mourning process when it comes to loss, even if it is just a few turtles.

I find that when it comes to loss most people go to one of two extremes.  One is to wallow in self-pity and fight the change.  Others suppress the emotional impact, laugh it off and move on.  I have come to realize that both are dysfunctional.

It is healthy,  it combats inward dysfunction, to process and acknowledge loss.  King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, once said, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven…  a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance…” (Ecclesiastes 3)I know the Christianese answers: “Oh don’t worry, God has wonderful plans and will replace those old rhythms with new ones.”  I do know that, that is what gives me strength and hope for tomorrow.  As for today though, I stare at an empty pond, and the healthiest, most spiritual thing I can do right now, is embrace and acknowledge all of the feelings that go with that.

Lot of loss, and a lot of change going on now.  One day soon I will be blessed with the knowlege of what God has in store for His great adventure.  During the phases of transition though, you just need to embrace the moment.  



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