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Miracles… The Traveling Vagabond – Day 9

As you have figured out by now, I am choosing to take a simplistic approach to this season.  No bold claims, no self pity, no fear.

What I am finding fascinating about simplicity is the number of miracles I am seeing.  I think they have always been there, more often than I know, it us just that simplicity allows my ears to draw closer to the heartbeat of God.  Most of it is too small to mention, I would not want someone to belittle the gifts God is giving me.   Many of them might seem as nothing but mere coincidences.

Yet, I know what I was praying and I know what happened to my heart at the time – I would know that God would have just delivered me a small miracle. 

You want to know what is really cool though?  I think that when a follower of God is a bit started by His works, He chuckles. 

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