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Unlearn…… The Traveling Vagabond – Day 11

I love being a dad.  I love spending time with my boys and serving as their Life Coach.  Sure, there are times when being a disciplinarian is necessary, but when you are a good life coach you teach them to wise thinkers and leaders.  You teach the to learn, to unlearn and then to relearn.  So many people are at odds with their teens.  I am privileged to be my son’s life guides and help them to learn to be good decision makers.

This is one of the reasons I am loving this trip so much.  I get 10 days of hanging with, exploring with, listening to and even learning from Levi.  He is a great young man, truly and out of the box thinker.  I believe he has a lot to contribute to this world.

Sometimes the most spiritual things I can do for my sons is to just get out of their way!  Part of leading them to manhood is to allow them to grow and even fail.  In fact I think one of the biggest tragedies I see in todays parenting is being so overprotective, the child is robbed of the privilege of learning from his / her failures.

I am reminded of the writings of Richard Rohr, “We do not “make” or “create” our souls; we just “grow” them up.  We are clumsy stewards of our own souls.  We are charged to awaken, and much of the work of spirituality is leaning how to stay out of the way of this rather natural growing and awakening.  We need to unlearn a lot, it seems, to get back to that foundational live which is hidden in God (Col 3:3)”

Rohr also writes, “The human ego prefers anything, just about anything, to falling or changing or dying.  The ego is the part of you that loves the status quo, even when it is not working.  It attaches to past and present and fears the future”

All of my family, each in their own unique way are in massive transition.  We each have things to learn and things to unlearn.  We need to learn from our past and be willing to risk, which means be willing to fail.

Life is a crazy wild adventure.  For me the sanity of it all is found in my security in God.


Travel Schedule

Today we will spend the day in Mesa Verde National Park.  It protects some of the best preserved Ancestral Puebloan archeological sites in the United States

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