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Bending Without Breaking... The Traveling Vagabond – Day 13

I have learned more about flexibility in during this season in my life than ever before.  Being flexible is NOT a passive activity.  You can fight change and the resistance will cause a whole lot of unnecessary pain and stress. If you become too stiff you will breakdown as change pushes on you with it’s powerful force. On the flip side, if you are passive you simply become complacent, even selfish as you are overly dependent upon the generosity of others. A passive person is like Jello, not a whole lot you can do with it.

As you know, I am working on the discipline of going with the flow during this season while engaging with what God has to show me in any given moment.  In Jeremiah 18 we learn that God is the potter and we are to be the moldable clay.  It is not easy to be stretched, reshaped, spun on a wheel and then thrown in the furnace to become the art the Great Artist desires.

This trip alone has taught me a lot about flexibility.  I have never traveled without a lot of fore planning.  A trip like this should have taken months to have planned out.  Yet I only had a real rough sketch for a few weeks.  Finalized it a day before we left and even then it has changed drastically several times.  All the while we are having the time of our lives and God is showing more in this season that I have ever seen before!

Our plan today WAS to go to Denver to visit the music scene and explore.  Yet I got concerned that I needed to head further east to break up the driving more.  So I stared at a US map and prayed, “God, give us a cool place to replace Denver with, only further east.”  Now for those of you who live in the middle of the country I am sure there are is a TON to see other than cornfields, I just have no idea what that would be.  Then I noticed on the map in Missouri Mark Twain National Forest.  Now, Levi and I did not want to go to a National Forest, but I had to wonder, why did they call it Mark Twain.  Levi has loved literature of all forms since a young child, and has read pretty much all of the great works (Shakespeare, Poe, Thoreau and so on)  He also loves Mark Twain.  After a bit of research we learned that Mark Twain was born and raised in Hannibal Missouri and the town has tons of activities dedicated to him.  So off to Hannibal we go!  Now the old me might have been a lot more stressed about all of this, but being flexible has been a blast.  A similar cool story is why we have changed out Nashville for the Rock n Roll hall of fame in Cleveland and a really really cool story as to why we are headed to Virginia earlier than the thought!

I don’t claim that the lifestyle I am living now is to be a permanent one.  I pray that I don’t have to be this flexible all the time!  Yet I am learning so much about listening to the voice of God and staying in sync with Him for the journey 

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