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Making Sense of Life’s Changes

Strategies for coping with the difficult, painful and confusing times in your life

By William Bridges


I have been working through this book called Transitions.  A lot of powerful stuff.  Below are some thoughts from the book with a bit of my commentary:

  • When I hold onto something less tightly, I free myself too.”  God has done a lot of identity change in my life is the last five or six years.  Some of that season involved breaking of the old, which is quite painful.  Some of it is living in nowhere land, which is quite confusing.  At last, some rich nuggets emerge, which is quite cool.  If there ever comes a time of “arriving”, I will let you know – as I am not there yet J
  • Change, especially in these complex times, can seem like “launching out from a riverside dock to cross to a landing on the other shore—only to discover in midstream that the landing is no longer there”  I think many of us can relate to this.
  • Transitions “begin” with an ending (i.e. marriage is the end of singleness; a promotion is the end of a former job, routine and friendships, etc.).” I suppose I knew this, but I am learning that it is healthy to mourn what has ended.  I cant move onto the new until I have properly mourned the loss of the old.
  • To employ a metaphor, we want to get across the street ASAP, we cannot fathom that there would be any usefulness in the middle of the street”    Much of my life I have raced across the street.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a guy who loves to self evaluate and self examine, but I like to do it on one side of the street or the other.  This season I am learning the discipline of being ok with the middle of the street (for a season anyway)
  • The neutral zone is meant to be a moratorium from the conventional activity of our everyday existence. It is a gift—a space—for doing important inner business, the kind that leads to extraordinary kinds of personal and God-awareness.”   I am discovering that the season is a wonderful gift, not a curse.

During major transitions in your life – do you see a curse or a gift? 


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Congratulations, Bruce seems like a good fit!
August 23, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterSteve Kennedy

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