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To be used by God– Insights from Scriptures  

I was reading Luke 10 and it was interesting to see how it is that God often works.  Most followers of God claim they want His will for their lives, just simply don’t know what it is.  The only thing that is complicated about finding God’s will is how we complicate things.  God really does not want us to be confused in this. 


Below is about the time when God sent out 72 people to be used by Him.


Making way for God to work, is really your only job description – Far too often, with our control issues, we try to play God and fix people. (even though we are broken ourselves)  Good news, I don’t have to play Holy Spirit, my job is only to point them to how cool God is.  Our job is simply to go where God is at work.

If you haven’t gotten your hands dirty today, it was kind of a wasted day – Remember back in school when the teacher would assign a “group project” yet that really meant that one person did 95% of the work while the entire group got 100% credit?  I think Jesus must feel like that a lot.  He says that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. To spend day after day in “meaningful discussion” as to why you are not sure what God’s will is while God is crying out for help, probably means you have avoidance issues.

It will be confusing at times, it will be scary at times – Often at the first sign of difficulty we throw up our hands and say, see I told you God will is not easy to figure out.  In our modern world we have come to believe that God will fit into our box, it will be easy, it will quickly yield high results and it will be complete before our favorite sitcom starts tonight.  Yet Jesus taught that he is sending out like sheep amongst wolves.  He knows that the world is harsh and He Knows the Heavenly Father’s ways are mysterious.   Don’t be surprised about how reliant upon God you will have to be.

You already have everything you need – These 72 were not the people that have been deeply schooled by Jesus.  And if they did not feel inadequate enough, Jesus adds, “Do not take a purse or bag or sandals”.  Do not allow your insecurity to bog you down by holding onto lots of stuff, God really will provide for you along the way.

Avoid distractions, stay focused – Jesus instructed them, “and do not greet anyone on the road.”  Jesus is not calling them to be anti-social.  He just knows our tendency to do “good” things to avoid doing what really important. 

Seek people of peace – God has tons of open people in your path.  As you journey simply pray, “God show me a person of peace who is open for you to work in her life”.

No wasting time on negative people – There are people out there that would be more than happy for you to make their toxic mess your full time job.  Do you know what will happen if you fully devote your full time towards their toxic mess? Barring a miracle, in a year from now you will still be standing in a pool of their negativity.  Don’t get me wrong, Jesus came for the broken.  But if they are not ready (or unwilling) to be healed, your efforts will effect little gain.  Jesus simply instructed for us to dust off our feet and move on.

Ways God wants to use you are beyond your wildest imagination – These 72 were likely more inadequate than you, and may have seen in one week more than some of you have seen in a life time.  Were they simply the right people at the right place at the right time?  I don’t believe so.  We live in a world that God wants to heal, and he still wants to use a bunch of knuckleheads like us.

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