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Relationally Engaged – Insights from Scriptures 

When Jesus was as one of his most emotionally challenging times in his life, He asked his disciples to “Stay here and keep watch with me”. Jesus was about to be crucified and He knew it.  He was spending the night up praying and He wanted his closest friends to be there with Him, engaged with Him and to be in sync with Him.

It is curious that Jesus does not ask us to watch for him or simply just to stand on the sidelines and watch Him.  Instead we are asked to watch “with” Him.  Most people want to keep Jesus simply within their range of sight.  They can call on Him when they need him and use Him for their purposes.  They will even do some things “for” Him. At the same time, keep enough margin that they can be as independent from Him to do their own thing

The cool thing about Jesus is that He wants us to be relationally engaged.  The hard thing about Jesus is that He wants us to be relationally engaged.  Jesus has called us to “watch with Him”, to do life “with” Him, to look at what He sees and join Him, in engaging where He engages.

Do you have an arms length relationship with Jesus?  One that keeps Him close but still emotionally disengaged enough that allows you to operate independently from Him when you want to?  Jesus longs for us to do life “with” Him.

Take honest inventory of your life.  How much are you doing “for” Him, at a distance of Him or even in despite of Him and how much are you doing “with” Him?

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