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Around 300 A.D. the Desert Fathers began coming up with a list that we now call The Seven Deadly Sins: pride, envy, sloth, greed, anger, lust, and gluttony.  All of us wrestle with at least two or more of these at a time, sometimes all seven!

If there is one, though, that we tend to feel the freest in is sloth!  Who has time to be lazy!  Our modern technology has not made our life easier, instead it has raised the expectation to accomplish more in less time.  In todays modern world, for all of our vices, we can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to sloth, right?  In fact, it is the most insulting of them all, call me lustful, call me prideful and even call me greedy, but I will be extra offended if you call me a sloth!  I am a busy man, I’m always working, always checking my email, so the last thing you can call any of us is a sloth, right?


SLOTH: the failure to take full responsibility of my life.   

When I fail to take proper rest, I am a sloth.  When I fail to take care of my body, I am a sloth.  When I procrastinate important things, I am a sloth.  When I offer excuses and explanations, I am a sloth.  When I fall into self-pity, I am a sloth.  When I ignore the needs of my neighbor even though I could do something, I am a sloth.  When I choose my will over God’s will, I am a sloth.  When I am too busy to incorporate spiritual disciplines in my life, I am a sloth.  When I am apathetic, I am a sloth. When I allow my busyness of today keep me from incorporating habits that will better prepare me tomorrow, I am a sloth.

Being a sloth is simply not taking seriously the things we should take more seriously in life.  Those who live under the tyranny of the urgent are often the guiltiest of sloth.

So I ask again, is being a sloth a problem for you?



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