So Close to a Really Bad Decision
Sunday, July 23, 2017 at 2:32PM

It was Monday morning and the pastor was dusting off his resume.  It was Friday night and she began rationalizing one drink too many.  It was Wednesday afternoon and he was getting ready to yell at his admin for a mistake he thought she made. It was after midnight Tuesday and she was ready to send a group email to her staff to give them a piece of her mind.


Each of these leaders are just one step away from making a life changing decision, that he or she probably ought not to make.  We have all been there, probably more often then we care to admit. 

The life of a leader has to make tough calls almost daily, and will most likely offend people along the way.  It’s just part of the high calling of leadership.  Yet how does a leader avoid making really bad decisions?

There are no full proof methods to be certain, but there are safe guards that you can put into place.  In short, never make a big decision when in the valley.  During those seasons simply commit to climbing out one step at a time.

I learned a method that I learned years ago proved to be a failsafe for me time after time.  I repeat it often when I am in the valley: H.A.L.T.S.! When you are about to make a bad decision, even though at the time is seems oh so logical, HALT!

Bad decisions usually feel fantastic, in the moment.  You have not even begun to know stress until you have to clean up the aftermath of unwise decisions.  If a decision you are about to make is one your gut is telling crying red-alert, the first thing you do is step back and ask am I hungry, angry, lonely, tired, stresses, or some combination of two or more?  If so, your gut is trying to do you a favor.

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