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The ship is safest when it is in port. But that’s not what ships were made for. Paulo Coelho


Check out this video that shows the final product of the well project. We got to be there to help with the finishing touches, as well as when the health inspector came by and announced that the well could officially go operational! On March 7th, exactly nine months after Cornerstone took on the project, the well became open to the public!!!


Did I really say that?

Last Sunday, from the stage, I was making a point about a prophet that confronted someone in the Old Testament, about bad behavior. I spontaneously and flippantly said, "He was pretty strong on him, he totally ripped the guy a new one!" Dying from the heat.

There was a combination of funny looks and some snickers, not to mention that afterwards there was some ribbing and comments like, "Can't say i ever heard that before in a church service!" Harassment.

I began so suspect something. Hmmm, this phrase I used must have some type of literal meaning!!! I wanted to do a little research before I was ready to confess my innocence. Evil poking. Crying.

What I was trying to say was something like: "He really tore into him" or "He tore him up one side and down another." Well, you can imagine my surprise the next day when googled "slang definitions - ripped a new one" Crying.

"Oh my, I thought, it never even occured to me that there even was a literal meaning - because I never would have said that!!! Being a chemist.

Fortunately i have a cool gracious group of people that have not orgainzed a witch hunt and know me for my heart. Time warp.

Did i really say that???



827.jpgWe just got back from another trip to Bani. Follow this link to see how cool the well / water purification system is. (you technical geeks should be impressed) Dominican Republic LINK



I promised in my Sunday message at Cornerstone that I would give some links for those dealing with the struggle of online pornograpy.

Here a a few great sites:

While I always highly encourage a Christian Counselor, a great place to start is PUREONLINE They have a 30 day online seminar that inculdes materials. It is excellent, I reccomend it highly.

For internet protection I have two reccomnetadions.
The frist kind is one that blocks internet sites. No system is perfect, but SAFE EYES is as good as any. The positive is that they do help you resist temptation easier. I am told that the down side is that if someone works hard enough, they can get around the block. It also can block legitimate sites (ie breast cancer or even Cornerstone's web site because we might do a sermon on sex). Chances are, if you already have a strong filter, you are not reading this blog, because you have been blocked, due to the sentence above. For kids, though, this may be the best way to go.

For adults I have a different reccomendation, that is if you truely want to deal with the issue. If you truly want to deal with the issue, you are willing to ask someone to be your accountablity partner. If you are willing to do that, I have a wonderful suggestin for you. It is called COVENANT EYES. What this software does is monitor your internet activity and send your accountability partner potential a list of questionable sites. So, for example, this blog could come up, but your accountabitliy partners can quickly see that it was harmless (or at leaste I like to think so!) But it will also list all other sites that could be questioned. If you break down and go somewhere inappropriate, guess what, in 30 days or less your accountability partner is going to see that!!! Now the purpose of an accountablity partner is not to rake you over the coals, rather it opens dialloge about how it happened, what triggered the justification and how can it be avoided in the future.

Finally, an interesting site is: XXXCHURCH. It is also geared to help people deal with the struggle of pornography.

Hope this is helpful



This year a new addition to my Christmas memories was added.  All of the normal stuff was there, such as great times with my wife, boys and extended family.  Of course the Christmas Eve service at Cornerstone is also very special.   This year, though a new one, had some special meaning.

CHRISTMAS IN GRANITE - There are about a half of dozen groups that Terri and I connect with outside of our Cornerstone friends. Some believers, many are not, all of which we just strive to be the same: real and authentic.  Of course we keep our eyes open as to where we can bring the presence of God, but we never try to force it.  God is big enough that He can do it all by himself.  I am surprised by how many people, particularly non believers, bring up the topic of spirituality.  Even once it is brought up by others we do not try to abuse the opportunity by giving an overwhelming response.  Instead we let God guide the conversation.  One of the groups we have been invited to hang with is in Granite, a community that is near us.  A pretty wild group, even by our standards, but just an amazing group of people.  We were invited to their Christmas party and God opened up some opportunities for me to bring the presence of God into people's personal lives.  Again, it is not my job to be a spiritual salesman of some sort, rather a spiritual friend when the opportunity calls for it.  At the end of the evening, one of thy guys, the main contact point for us into this group, says that he spontaneously started something three years ago that became a tradition now.  He asks the community to meet at his home at 9:00 am Christmas morning.  We walk down to the neighbor's goat pen, go inside where he built a manger, and has everyone that comes read part of the Christmas story from the book of Luke.  Not only did he invite us, but he also invited a neighbor that just had a baby, asking if their newborn son could be baby Jesus, to place in the manger.  The mother responded, "Oh, I'm sorry, but he is Jewish".  Our friend responded, "Now I could be wrong, but wasn't Jesus Jewish?"  The mother thought about it for a second and said, "Well i guess that would make it o.k.", she said with a big smile.

So at 9:00 on Christmas morning we met with the community and read the Christmas story.  The goats were hanging out with us, rather we hung out with them.  Of course who could not resist but to get photo op with little Jesus at the end.  Such a special and meaningful time.  Our Christmas Eve service at Cornerstone always are wonderful, and this year it was amazing.  Yet I must admit, our Granite Christmas day service was hard to beat.  I will always treasure that time in my heart.


ITS CHRISTMAS TIME! So what difference will it make this year?

Below is something I did for a Christmas message last year. We get so caught up in the busyness of Christmas, it becomes more about about stress than being a meaningful time. If that is ever true for you, see if this speaks to you.



I have a confession to make. Over the years I have watched the Christian community boycott all sorts of movies, everything from Harry Potter to the Divici Code, and it has consistently stirred up one emotion in me: embarrassment. Don't get me wrong, I believe we should be well educated and be able to speak to problematic areas of movies, but to boycott? So when a church member called me to warn me about the GOLDEN COMPASS, even though this person is both theologically sound and has a good head on his shoulder, I couldn't help but to have an immediate reaction of: not you too?! Then as I listened, I realized, this is different...