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This section is not so much a position on homosexuality as it is a position on how we treat homosexuals. I added "and other fellow sinners" to make a point. I am, as are you, a fellow sinner. If you want my bottom line you can get it later in this text. First I want to talk to evangelicals (of which I consider myself). Over the years I have been sickened to watch the ungodly manor in which many evangelicals treat people. I watch evangelicals create a hierarchy of sins, looking for the speck in the eyes of others missing the log in their own eye (Matthew 7) Gossip, ignoring Jesus' teachings on money, gluttony, being judgemental - the list goes on and on. Below are some great quotes from Anderson, Ray S. An Emerging Theology for the Emerging Church:
Emerging churches find their true humanity in the relation between Jesus Christ and all humanity. The church finds its true ministry in the upholding, healing and transformation of the humanity of others as already grasped and reconciled to God through the incarnation and atoning life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The church cannot be truly human when it denies and dehumanizes the humanity of others. (p. 153)

I must confess that I find it hard to retain the spirit of love toward those who proclaim, often with a posture of moral smugness (and usually on television!), “I love the sinner but hate the sin.” I wonder if people who say that have any idea how destructive and downright ungracious that concept is! Whatever my sins and failures may be, that is who I am! You cannot love me without accepting the whole of me, painful and threatening as that may be. And when you say that you hate my sin, I find it difficult to believe that you really love me! (p. 155)

For example, some label homosexuality sinful and a perversion, but at the same time they claim the higher moral ground of love for the sinner. The distinction between moral and immoral behavior does not lead to arrogance; we expect such moral discernment of all persons who possess moral character. The self-certainty of being right without being loving causes us to see only the sin and not the sinner at all. (p. 156)

We cannot be a community of love without being a community filled with the Spirit. Emerging churches are to be known by the “fragrance that comes from knowing him. For we are the aroma of Christ;. . . a fragrance from life to life” (2 Corinthians 2:15-16). If the church cannot pass this smell test, it needs to pray, “Come Holy Spirit!” (p. 157)

“The Spirit becomes for the believing community more the environment in which it lives than an object of its consciousness.” I wish that every emerging church would post this as he first PowerPoint slide for every service! I could not live without the oxygen in the air that surrounds me, but I don’t think much about it – I just breathe, and usually I am not even aware of that! The health of emerging churches is in the air that they breathe, not in the activities that consume their energy. The word used for “spirit” in both Hebrew (ruach) and Greek (pneuma) is also use for “air,” breath” and “wind” The Holy Spirit is not merely an “air freshener” but the oxygen in the air that the emerging church breathes – air without oxygen is not good for one’s health! (p. 159)

So you want my stance on Homosexuality? Yes I affirm the scriptures it is a sin. They are sinners, just like me. Somehow, though, they have become the modern day tax collectors, treated as a bigger sinner than what we are. I just think we need to be a little more gracious in our approach.