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I love my church. They have been very patient with me as I have sought to discover what it means to be the church. We have changed over the years, making several mid-couse adjustments. I believe we have come a long ways, I believe we have a long ways to go. I truly love the people that I am blessed to serve with. They give me so much hope in the church of the future.

I wrote a paper on what I saw the book of Ephesians taught on the church. You can download it here: AN ECCLESIOLOGY FROM EPHESIANS

In Emerging Theology for Emerging Churches, Ray Anderson gives four characteristics of healthy churches:

1) Being in Christ, not just believing in Christ. The life of emerging churches is grounded in their conception and birth as the community of those who are children of God, whose lives re personally drawn into the very life and being of Christ. (Anderson 2006 p. 213) Emerging theology is about being in Christ, hidden with Christ in God. The Christ who is present to me and with me gives me presence to and with the very being of God. There is part of me that is already secure and safe with Jesus in heaven. I came to know that as a child; I am coming to believe it now. (Anderson 2006 p. 214-215)

2) Living the sacramental life of grace, not only dispensing sacramental grace. (Anderson 2006 p. 215)

3) Being a truthful church, not just the true church. (Anderson 2006 p. 216)

4) Being the church, not just going to church. (Anderson 2006 p. 218) The emerging church is about being the church, like a family. It is an everyday reality with occasional gatherings and some celebrations. Being the body of Christ is a domestic as well as public practice of kingdom living. Being the church is as much a transformation of the secular sphere into sacred service as it is filling the sanctuary with ordinary saints. The Spirit of Christ has provided all the parts – some assembly is required. (Anderson 2006 p. 219)