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Dear Friends of the Red del Camino,

The DR network is pulling together to serve the thousands of people that have been affected by Tropical Storm Noel. Even though it did not reach hurricane status, the amounts of water that fell on the island have caused as much if not more damage than a hurricane. Rivers in the central valley and South as well as north west regions of the country have lost crops, homes and roads. Many communities are isolated due to bridge and road damage caused by the flooded rivers. The latest bulletin from the Dominican Republic Emergency Operations Center tells of at least 41 dead, 20 missing, over 50,000 evacuated and over 14,500 people in refugee centers, 39 communities cut off by flood waters, and
12,636 houses affected by the flooding.

Many churches of the RDC DR network have already become shelters and distribution centers for their struggling communities.

This morning, pastor Robert Guerrero of Iglesia Comunitaria Cristiana, one of key network churches in the Dominican Republic, met with a team of church leaders to determine what action steps would be taken to assist other churches in the most affected parts of the country. Urgent needs include mattress pads, food, clothes and potable water. Another meeting will take place Thursday morning involving more key pastors.

Pastor Raquel Alburquerque at Nueva Vida Church (Ensanche Luperon) has many church members distributing free clean drinking water to their neighbors from their recently installed water purification system. Pastor Esdras Kelly is housing eighty people in his church building and community center in Santa Rosa de Bani, an area on the outskirts of the town of Bani which due to its location along the Bani River was swept with high water that destroyed homes and affected the whole of this poverty stricken community.

The Assemblies of God Church of Peralta, is located in a rural mountain valley that has been cut off from the rest of the country by a flooding river. A Rush Presbyterian medical team that was serving in Peralta this past week was air lifted out by helicopter on Thursday to Santo Domingo. Rush is serving through DCC (a general medical team). A second surgical team is due in this Saturday and is changing its focus to emergency medical relief work among the thousands of families living in precarious conditions.

Please be praying for the victims of this storms and for the churches that are working hard in difficult circumstances to provide help and hope in light of the despair. A lot of hard weeks are on the horizon as food shortages and sickness settle in on the most affected communities.

If you would like to contribute to the relief effort please contact me for more information.

Serving and Connecting in Christ,

Tomas Yaccino